NSTS – We are a fully certified NSTS centre, offering sprayer, spreader, granular applicator & slug pelleter testing at our premises or on site.

NSTS is the National Sprayer Testing Scheme for the UK. NSTS tested sprayers are a requirement of many UK farm assurance schemes and supermarket protocols as well as satisfying the sprayer testing requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive.

NSTS is a managed by the Agricultural Engineers Association for the VI.

Remember all pesticide application equipment now needs to hold a valid test certificate.  This includes trailed, mounted and self-propelled sprayers as well as foggers, misters, granular and slug pellet applicators.

Our fully qualified engineers are able to carry out NSTS testing on all makes of Sprayers / Spreaders /slug pelleters & granular applicators, either at our premises or on site.

What equipment needs to be tested & when?
All application equipment applying pesticides must be tested.

– Red Tractor Crops, Farm Assurance and Fresh Produce Schemes currently require annual testing of boom sprayers over 3 metres & granular applicators applying nematicides.

– The Sustainable Use Directive (SUD) requires that all pesticide application equipment (PAE) is tested on a regular basis.

Testing costs can vary depending on the size / type or number of machines we are testing.

Please contact us and we will be happy to give you a quote – 01242 870452.


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