We will be exhibiting at Tillage Live 2021 on Thursday 16th September 2021, please come and visit us on our stand.

Location – The Old Airfied, Down Ampney, Airfield, Gloucestershire GL7 5PL

Organised by the Agricultural Engineers Association on behalf of their members, the Crop Establishment Demonstration gives visitors the opportunity to see the largest number of demonstrating exhibitors, in the UK, in action across field-scale plots in one location at the same time.

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The new interactive format has a central exhibitor’s hub, surrounded by individual company demonstration plots, supported by four distinct demonstration zones.
In each of the four zones, a schedule of machines will be demonstrated to visitors. This schedule will rotate around the four zones to cover all activities.

The zones are as follows:

Cover crop termination and direct drilling – through three different cover crops
Conventional establishment – including ploughs and drills
Min till – shallow cultivations and drills
Sprayers – the latest crop protection technology

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    The Old Airfied, Down Ampney, Airfield, Gloucestershire GL7 5PL

    Severn Agriculture Ltd