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Mounted Sprayers

-Vicon iXter A

The Power of Simplicity

The iXter A will be added to the Vicon mounted field sprayer range. The iXter A is available with 800, 1000 and 1200 litre tank capacity in combination with two different boom types: the HOSA aluminium spray boom (12-15m) and the HC boom (18-20-21m). Pumps are available with capacities of 100, 150 and 200 l/min. The iXter A is an easy to operate sprayer with the control panel, chemical inductor, hand wash tank and clean cloth locker all on the same side of the sprayer. Operation can be made easy with the simple electric Remote Control or the easy-to-use FlowMate Control spray computer.

The Advantages

  • HC steel booms or HOSA aluminium boom available
  • Close gravity point to the tractor
  • Fully integrated concept, including control panel
  • iXclean: every litre counts!

Technical Specifications

iXter AA8A10A12
Nom. tank capacity800 (l)1000 (l)1200 (l)
Max. tank capacity965 (l)1185 (l)1395 (l)
Chemical inductor30 (l)30 (l)30 (l)
Clean water tank130 (l)130 (l)130 (l)
Hand wash tank18 (l)18 (l)18 (l)
Pumps100/150/200 (l/min)100/150/200 (l/min)100/150/200 (l/min)
Regulation SystemsEC/FMCEC/FMCEC/FMC


-Vicon iXter B

The Power of Technology

The Vicon iXter B mounted sprayeris the fruit of years of research and development in close collaboration with farmers: this is today the most advanced mounted sprayer range with focus on user friendliness and environmental protection. The iXter B range is available with four different tank volumes from 1000 up to 1800 litres and two boom alternatives (HOSA, HC) from 15 to 30m. Pumps are available with capacities of 150, 200 and 260 l/min. Liquid fertiliser resistant and capable of running dry without damage. Due to the Easy Hitch quick hitch, the gravity point of the sprayer is extremely close to the tractor for a maximum weight transfer. However, the hitching operation remains quick and easy. High tech features like iXclean, IsoMatch Tellus, IsoMatch Tellus GO, IsoMatch Tellus PRO, Starguide IV, IsoMatch GEOCONTROL and a lot more features are available for more operator comfort.

The Advantages:

  • HC steel booms or HOSA aluminium spray boom available
  • Fully integrated concept, including Easy Set control panel
  • ISOBUS or non ISOBUS compatible regulations systems
  • iXclean: every litre counts!
  • Possible in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL
  • Possible in combination with the iXtra front tank

Technical Specifications

Nom. tank capacity1000 (l)1300 (l)1600 (l)1800 (l)
Max. tank capacity1100 (l)1450 (l)1800 (l)2000 (l)
Chemical inductor30 (l)30 (l)30 (l)30 (l)
Clean water tank180 (l)180 (l)180 (l)180 (l)
Hand wash tank18 (l)18 (l)18 (l)18 (l)
Pumps150/200/260 (l/min)150/200/260 (l/min)150/200/260 (l/min)150/200/260 (l/min)
Regulation SystemsEC/FMC//iM Tellus/iM Tellus GO/ PROEC/FMC/iM Tellus/iM Tellus GO/ PROEC/FMC/iM Tellus/iM Tellus GO/ PROEC/FMC/iM Tellus/iM Tellus GO/ PRO
iXcleaniXclean Comfort or ProiXclean Comfort or ProiXclean Comfort or ProiXclean Comfort or Pro


-Vicon iXtra

So Much More Than Just Extra Volume

The innovative iXtra concept offers much more than just extra tank volume. Combined with the iXter mounted sprayer, the iXtra provides a total volume of around 3000 litres, making the iXter-iXtra combination a serious alternative to a self propelled sprayer. With tractors able to carry much higher loads on their rear linkages, the need for ballast weight on the front of the tractor is essential. With a nominal volume of more than 1100 litres, the iXtra is that front end weight adding stability to your tractor, but only when needed!

The Advantages:

  • Flexibility while spraying – dual tank strategy
  • Full integrated concept – extremely crop friendly design
  • Easy operation
  • ISOBUS or non ISOBUS compatible regulation systems
  • Possible in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL

Technical Specifications

Vicon iXtra1100 Comfort1100 Pro
Nominal tank capacity1100 (l)1100 (l)
Maximum tank capacity1300 (l)1300 (l)
Clean water tank capacity2 x 65 (l)2 x 65 (l)
Electrical pump capacity25 (l/min)25 (l/m)
Empty weight221223
Front linkageCat IICat II
Level indicatorMechanicalElectrical
Control panelManualElectrical (ISOBUS)
Regulation systemsFMC / IsoMatch Tellus PRO / IsoMatch Tellus GOFMC / IsoMatch Tellus PRO / IsoMatch Tellus GO
iXcleaniXclean ComfortiXclean Comfort/iXclean Pro


-Vicon Ikarus S

Stay on Track with Ikarus S

The Vicon Ikarus S trailed sprayer is available in 2800 or 3800 litre tank capacity with HSS 18-30 metre (HSS 27-30m are 3 part folding booms) horizontal folding steel booms or with HC 18-30m vertical folding steel booms. The EasySet control panel makes life easy by its intuitive operation. Ikarus S is also suitable for exclusive high tech features including ISOBUS communication systems, like the IsoMatch Tellus PRO, IsoMatch Tellus GO, IsoMatch GEOCONTROL and Boom Guide spray height control system. iXclean Comfort or iXclean Pro will give you even more operator comfort as functions like filling, spraying, rinsing and so on can be controlled out of the tractor cabin!

The Advantages:

  • HSS side folding or multiple folding vertical HC booms
  • Wheel axle options to fulfil your requirements
  • Easy operation, including Easy Set control panel
  • Non ISOBUS or ISOBUS compatible regulations
  • iXclean: every litre counts!
  • Possible in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL

Technical Specifications

Ikarus SS28S38
Tank capacity2800 (l)3800 (l)
Spray boomsHSS 18 – 30m / HC 18 – 30mHSS 18 – 30m / HC 18 – 30m
Top or hitch linkageFixed or auto steering, no suspensionFixed or auto steering, no suspension
Fixed axle25 km/h or 40 km/h with hand brake25 km/h or 40 km/h with hand brake
Adjustable axleWith or without suspensionWith or without suspension
BrakesHydraulic or air brakesHydraulic or air brakes
Pumps200 – 250 – 400 l/min200 – 250 – 400 l/min
Regulation systemsFMC/IsoMatch Tellus PRO/IsoMatch Tellus GOFMC/IsoMatch Tellus PRO/IsoMatch Tellus GO
iXcleaniXclean Comfort or iXclean ProiXclean Comfort or iXclean Pro


-Vicon iXtrack T series

iXtrack T series – made for Farmers, made by Farmers

Vicon is introducing the iXtrack T series, this new sprayers are precise, easy and effective. The iXtrack T series are developed with focus on a short, low and compact design in combination with intelligent electronics and ease of use. The iXtrack T series offer tank sizes of 2600 and 4600 litres.

The advantages

  • Stability; The 32 degree steering angle and 3.6m turning radius makes the iXtrack T series very flexible and solid.
  • Ease of use; The iXtrack T series are compatible for the standard ISOBUS, this makes it easy to operate, by installing and using the additional software.
  • Precision spraying; Equipped with a smooth, suspended parallelogram. The parallelogram combines optimal stability with soft boom balancing and limited vertical movement to minimise spray height deviations.
  • Intelligent electronics; 100% ISOBUS compatible as standard, easy plug and play with the IsoMatch Tellus GO or PRO or any other AEF certified terminal. The iXspray hardware and software with intuitive touch interface guarantee an user friendly operation.
  • Liquid management; The position of the tanks, hoses, valves and drains is optimised to minimise rest liquid.

Technical specifications

iXtrack T3iXtrack T4
Tank capacity2600 – 3200 litres3400 – 4000 – 4600 litres
Spray boomHSA 18-24m (2-part folded)/ HSS 21-24m (2-part folded)/ HSS 27-30m (3-part folded)HSS 18-30m (2-part folded)/ HSA 21-33m (2-part folded)/ HSS 27-40m (3-part folded)
DrawbarTop/ Hitch linkage in combination with pulling eye/ball couplingTop/ Hitch linkage in combination with pulling eye/ball coupling
Wheel axleAdjustable, 1.5 – 2.25mAdjustable, 1.5 – 2.25m
PumpsOptional, 200 – 400 – 520 l/min.Optional, 200 – 260 – 400 – 520 l/min.
Regulation systemIsoMatch Grip, IsoMatch PRO, IsoMatch GOIsoMatch Grip, IsoMatch PRO, IsoMatch GO
iXcleaniXclean Comfort/ iXclean PROiXclean Comfort/ iXclean PRO


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